Solar Energy


we are guided by the vision of providing ''Clean'' and an alternative power to Nigeria and Africa through harnessing and storing the power of the sun, grid and other sources of power to provide a veritable, clean and an alternative source of power to Nigeria and Africa                                                                          

solar energy-power from the sun-is a vast and inexhaustible resource. Just 20 days of sunshine contains more energy than the world's entire supply of coal, oil, and natural gas. A range of technologies is used to convert the sun's energy into electricity, including solar collectors and photovoltaic panels.

How to be your own, independent power producer:

         Monthly loan installment: ----------naira

       Estimated savings from independent power production per month  --------Naira

       Total load per month: ----------naira

The savings ** refers to a system with approximately 5.50 kWp, depends on the particular circumstances and is therefore not binding.

ADF is your partner for the realization of your Solar Plant System!

We offer:


         Complete solar plant and mounting system

         Installation and all electrical work

         Carrying out all official duties

         Night-time consumption optimization

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Solar Plant system Insurance - Adftrueway care, the Carefree Package

No matter what type of solar plant system you are planning or have the adftrueway solar plant carefree package protects your investment from damage and extensive downtime.

         Comprehensive, safe and cheap

         Rapid settlement of claims

         Protection against damage

         From ------naira (incl. 10% Tax.) per year!

Protected is everything that belongs directly to the functionality of a solar plant system. Rapid and bureaucratic repair in case of damage by ADFtrueway technicians. 

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Energy management and energy storage

Adfrueway are supported with step by step to ensure the vision of energy independence Each step converts the adftrueway with customers, is designed and planned to take the next step together and subsequently can.

              With all manufacturer

              Night-time consumption optimization

Take advantage of the opportunity of an independent counseling or consulting session with a specialist at Adf trueway ltd.

Why adftrueway solar plant system?

Free price power of the sun

We test what we sell

We have the experience

All information on adftrueway solar plant system at a glance:

Solar plant system – solar plant product lines

Solar plant Insurance – adftruewaycare the Carefree Package

Solar plant prices – fixed price no extra

Solar plant system Consulting – solar plant our certified planner advise

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Services - our experience takes you further

As one of the leading solar company, we rely on individual, vendor-independent consulting and planning. Requires the highest level of expertise, years of experience and continuous training at all levels in our company. Trust is the most important link between us and our customers.

Solar plant system Consulting

Solar plant system planning

Energy Consulting

We offer an optimum solution adapted to your needs and the existing conditions. The best components are carefully selected by our experienced team comes together on your roof or your building to a whole. Here, a more energy-efficient and resource-efficient use of materials and the environment is important. The key to a successful sustainable functioning solar plant system is the individual view of your situation. We consider not only your current consumption behaviour, visual-aesthetic desires, roof orientation and inclination, but also each valid funding situation.


Solar plant systems: We test what we sell!

When selecting our products we attach great importance to quality and sustainability. Security for our customers resulting from the experience and vision adf trueway ltd, will established the leading company in the field of solar plant in Nigeria.






In our product portfolio are only renowned manufacturers. Before adftrueway receives products in their range, they are meticulously tested in-house test facility and released only after a thorough examination.


Individual advice

Requires the highest level of expertise. Trust is the most important link between us and our customers.

Network or stand-alone operation, for your solar plant system is in our experienced


Building integrated, open space or on the roof.

Agricultural or industrial, we seek suitable fund for all individual energy solution. Community or Business Park.

Adftrueway will assist our customers with all the official channels and wrap the entire administration, including all funding needs for your solar energy system


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