We work with communities in producing reliable energy of certifiable quality from locally and regionally available renewable resources. This help capital flows remain in the region where they serve as catalysts for a positive economic trend, promote major communal developments and improve the residents´ quality of life. Energy technologies we install can ensure reliable, secure energy around the clock. They also help diversify energy sources to reduce supply risks. And because our projects can offer price certainty and energy cost predictability, they help clients plan for their energy needs best in the future.


Combining Waste, Hydro power, Wind, Solar and Forestry Residues to Generate Hundreds MW of Electricity for communities


With the combination of local resources such as solid waste, water, wind, solar, forestry residues and other energy resources with the models technology will locally generate low cost self-sufficiency safe electricity, gas and fertilizer for the benefit of the people.

In the public sector, we work with communities, improving the energy efficiency and clean power capacity of their administration. We also develop major energy efficiency and renewable power projects for Communities, and design and build central utility plants that ensure energy security and reliability. And we help schools, colleges and universities upgrade their facilities to make them more efficient, and develop renewable power options such as solar, wind, Biogas and from waste, hydro power or other sources of energy. 

Building Automation Solutions we believe that our customers comes first and this is why we work with them to provide real solutions to real problems. Through innovation, determination and the sheer passion of our strong workforce to make incredible achievements in this ever growing sector of the market.


We work with clients and partners to develop fund and support WtE deployment projects that use proven technology, that are profitable and progressive; projects that currently use proven plasma gasification and internal combustion engines/gas turbines

Adftruewayltd and with our partners provides the planning, design, construction, operation and sales of customized, highly efficient and reliable CO2-neutral solutions for multifunctional Energy Systems from renewable energy, with an Integrated Resources Management for all communities, business, industries, enterprises and households which have a need for a self-sufficient, sustainable energy production with CO2 neutrality.

Through new technologies, With joint effort-designed central plants provide many opportunities for improving efficiency and lowering operating and maintenance costs. With central plant projects we address the needs for mission-critical, industrial, and mixed-use facilities. Not only design and build these facilities, but we also operate them while providing warranties of availability, power quality, and/or energy savings.

Our Central plant solutions include:  

Plant design and construction base on costumer choices  

Energy storage systems & sizing  

Electricity capacity upgrades & timing

Renewable and distributed generation including co-generation, micro-turbines,

     biomass plants, Biogas, fuel cells, solar and Wind  

Utility assessments with extra measures  

Operations and asset management

Because we are affiliated with many companies, we provide unbiased choices and deliver objective, turnkey-engineered solutions tailored to meet our customers' needs using the right application of technologies.


Our fundamental business model is the provision of communities with energy, food production, and jobs creation thereby aiming at the creation of energy self-sufficiency and safety as well of other jobs opportunities through new business establishment.

Our contracts include performance guarantees backed by monitoring and verification services. On projects, we work with the customer to establish energy usage benchmarks along with recommended strategies for meeting those benchmarks. We install advanced metering devices and alarms to monitor critical systems and create online reporting systems, enabling our customers to analyse energy usage patterns using a variety of formats and time frames


As a project developer ADF Energy Solutions understands the importance of reliable, secure energy. For energy reliability projects, we design and build central utility plants, energy distribution systems and other facilities that ensure highly reliable, secure energy around the clock, including: (Combining Waste, Hydro power, Biogas, Solar, Wind Energy and other source of energy)

Uninterruptible power supply and standby backup of other source of energy  

Central plant design, construction, operation and maintenance

Energy storage systems

Delivery warrantees for power, power quality and thermal energy

Flexible and low-cost financing options

  Probabilistic Risk Analysis (PRA)

Electricity capacity upgrades

Community Solar Farm  Community Wind Farm  

Community Biogas Plant  

Community Waste to Energy Plant  

Community Biomass Plant

Community Micro-Hydro Power Plant

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