Planning /Service details

We provide a variety of service for small and large energy project with the company guarantee of efficient and sustainable project handling that begins with individual project development and leads to successful plant start-up to fish. Our services include:

Provision of planning services (concept and feasibility study, preliminary and final

    design, building permission application and execution drawings)

Preparation of tender documents when necessary

Assistance with placing contracts

Coordination of all project partners

Project control and supervision

Project management

Commissioning, start-up and optimization of individually designed plants

Operational managements

 Planning & Services

We help ensure smooth project implementation by handling full-range planning services for energy project, our client benefit from some free planning package' that includes the following nine phases:

1. Establishing the basis of the project

2. Preliminary design

3. Final design

4. Building permission application

5. Execution drawings

6. Preparation of contract

7. Project supervision

8. Project documentation 

9. Professional and thorough project planning, coupled with a precise and viable technical concept, lowers investment costs and results in a more profitable plant operation.


ADF’s procurement services include management, buying, materials management, desk expediting, community energy project development and expediting as well as logistics planning and management. With ADF and Partners can combined millions dollars buying power.

Large or small project, straightforward or complex, adf trueawy ltd’s full suite of energy engineering, procurement and construction capabilities is here to meet all your needs.

Customers (True Satisfaction)

Nurturing our client base.

Fulfilling the on-going requirement to deliver excellent service to clients in the context

    of their particular needs.

Working to produce new solutions which create value to the clients.

Consistently providing streamlined cost-effective services.

Effectively building, developing and maintaining strong client relationships.

ADF Trueway plan and consultants of Bank for financial services

ADF Trueway Care package

Company (The standard we operate)

Achieving superior financial performance;

Maintaining good financial disciplines;

Working hard and demonstrating long term engagement and commitment.

Work guarantee

Up grading technology

Development , Research & innovation.

Product & services

  Solar panel

Wind turbine

Micro hydro power


Waste to energy

Energy storage

Community Energy Project Development

Installation & maintainers


Energy Crops production

Food Crops production.

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