Energy Crops and Food Crops Production

cultivating both food and energy crops from marginal land-creating significant value for investors


To transform the landscape and the thousands of waste farm land in rural region/ Community land by cultivating both food and energy crops from marginal land – creating significant value for investors.  And to produce low cost, high quality, ecologically friendly, Biodiesel that will have a sustainable positive impact on the Global Ecology and the population, environment and economy of the community.

 It is possible to make a significant return for investors by producing green oil and high quality food from degraded land while also improving the environment and the lives of thousands of rural farmers who have for generations lived in abject poverty. We will be able to accomplish this by introducing a new approach to organic soil cultivation.

Using fuel crops to produce organic compost to cultivate food crops

This approach will produce immediate cash flow from food crops and long term cash flow from fuel crops. It will transform the landscape, generates employment and provides a much needed alternative to fossil oil for the transportation and other industries.

FoodFuel            FuelFood

 A project engages producing both renewable energy and food from deserted land.Cultivating food crops to generate income while the fuel crops are growing. Short term    Generating cash flow from food crops. And Long term   Producing green oil (diesel oil) for transportation and providing raw materials for order industries.

The search for renewable energy is being driven by volatile crude oil prices and the perceived threat to countries security of over-dependence on fossil reserves. Crude oil ate likely to increase over the long term as fossil reserves diminish and global demand increases, particularly in the newly emerging economies of some countries.

However, the potential of bio fuels to enhance energy security is limited. Globally, the huge volume of biofuels required to substitute for fossil fuels is beyond the capacity of agriculture with present day technology.

More significant displacement of fossil fuels will be likely with second and third generation biofuel.

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