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Living progressively less in sync with our environment and exploit the provided resources at the cost of the future of our planet, trusting our future generation with a problem increasingly difficult to solve. Therefore, ADF has set its aims to research, develop and implement innovative clean energy sources such as Solar, wind, Biogas, Micro-hydro power, waste to energy and new concepts to improve our environment and production of food and bio-fuel simultaneously from degraded land, meeting the increasing demand of Power supply, food and fuel.

Our current project features a comprehensive solution for the globally growing demand of Electricity Supply, diesel fuel and food and globally growing waste issue and pollution. Our approach is the consequential tying and integration of every system based on the existing structures of various communities.

Consequently the implementation of the solution provided by ADF is to transform the landscape by engaging clean sources of energy, converting waste to energy, cultivating food crops and energy crops from marginal land – creating significant value for investors.  And to produce low cost, from the thousands of waste farm land in rural region /Community land by cultivating both food and high quality, ecologically friendly, Biodiesel or energy crops that will have a sustainable positive impact on the Global Ecology and the population, environment and economy of the community, will bring drastic reductions of future ecological, economic and social and health related problems caused by the handing and procession of waste are possible while at the same time offering a clean, profitable, environmental friendly solution.

ADF is demonstrating it is possible to make a significant return for investors by producing green oil and high quality food from degraded land while also improving the environment and the lives of thousands of rural farmers who have for generations lived in abject poverty.  In addition 5% to 7% of the profit shares will be reserved for humanitarian’s aids, rural development such for building of schools, borehole, medical clinic and schools or factory for handicapped training and Construction of rural roads and waste management.

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