Engineering & Consulting

With engineering personnel across multiple disciplines in ADF and our partners, ADF employs well experienced workforces in the energy industry. Our comprehensive engineering resources provide customers with a good concept to startup.

To ensure exceptional results, we rely on engineers with a wide variety of backgrounds and specialties, including:

Mechanical engineers

Electrical engineers

Industrial engineers

Biochemical engineer

Agricultural engineers

Technicians, design draftsmen, and other well-educated professionals

Our engineering experts focus on the following core processes:

Basic evaluation

Preliminary planning

Blueprint planning

Approval planning

Contract preparation

Contract award participation

Implementation planning

Construction management

Documenting and addressing deficiencies


Through our wholly owned subsidiary, ADF Constructors and our partners. We can execute more than a billion dollars in large-scale energy project construction. With an unwavering commitment to safety excellence, we build diverse projects (energy) using proven construction technologies and systems.

Construction Management

Through our partners, ADF Management Services, we offer complete construction management services on any sized project. Using proven work processes, systems and procedures, we focus on the safe and cost effective management of subcontractors on CM, EPC and EPCM projects.

Through new technologies, With joint effort-designed central plants provide many opportunities for improving efficiency and lowering operating and maintenance costs. With central plant projects we address the needs for mission-critical, industrial, and mixed-use facilities. Not only design and build these facilities, but we also operate them while providing warranties of availability, power quality, and/or energy savings. Our Central plant solutions include:

Plant design and construction base on costumer choices

Energy storage systems & sizing

Electricity capacity upgrades & timing

Renewable and distributed generation including co-generation, micro-turbines,

    biomass plants, Biogas, fuel cells, solar and Wind

Utility assessments with extra measures

Operations and asset management

Because we are affiliated with many companies, we provide unbiased choices and deliver objective, turnkey-engineered solutions tailored to meet our customers' needs using the right application of technologies with the following:

Central plant design, construction, operation and maintenance

Energy storage systems

Delivery warrantees for power, power quality and thermal energy

Flexible and low-cost financing options

Probabilistic Risk Analysis (PRA)

Electricity capacity upgrades

Community Solar Farm

Community Wind Farm

Community Biogas Plant

Community Waste to Energy Plant

Community Biomass Plant

Community Micro-Hydro Power Plant

Community Energy & Food Crops Production

Solar plant system consulting

Solar plant system planning

Plant Installation


Community energy development project planning

Energy consulting

Community energy mobilization

Planning and consulting banks for costumers financial services

We develop a sustainable and diverse business in energy sector Uninterruptible

     power  supply and standby backup of other source of energy.

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