Financing and Funding

Triple Bottom Line Technologies with Attractive Financing Options

Adf trueway limited will work with its customers to assist them in obtaining financing for any of the ADF products in its portfolio.

To provide contract quotes to facilitate our customers' financing needs and work with our customers' lenders to expedite the fulfilment of our customer’s capital requirements. 

We hope for the next few years, several projects will be completed using third-party financing services. Third-party financing is usually requested by a customer who either has a shortage of capital at a particular time or wishes to perform an off-balance-sheet capital project. 

ADF Trueway Limited developed a working relationship with several companies to provide third-party financing services.  ADF's selection of the financing company for a particular project will depend upon the customer's specific project needs and third-party finance structure.

Some examples of financial companies for support are listed below:

1.       UBA Bank

2.      Diamond Bank

3.      First Bank